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  • Rhotan Vor

    Rhotan Vor is a stout Balican Dwarf usually wearing the House Wavir coat of arms. He is the head of the Wavir Trading post in Altaruk.

  • Ruslan

    As part of the revolution, he was inserted as a spy into the home of a mid level templar and noble named Ruslan, posing as a minstrel gifted from a powerful templar from another city state. He gathered a significant amount of useful data during the …

  • Dun-Paul

    A city dweller and member of the veiled alliance by the name of Dun-Paul came to his aid when he saw Artemus use his arcane powers. The mercenaries retreated, and Dun-Paul took him under his wing.

  • Tuvok

    Dwarven Caravan driver. The adventurers met him in Altaruk heading for Tyr.

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