Character Creation

  1. Choose a race – new races are detailed in Chapter 2 of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting (DSCS), page 18. Other races have some small customization for Dark Sun, so take note of whatever you choose.
  2. Choose a class – if you’re playing an arcane character there are rules about being a defiler or a preserver on DSCS page 80. If you want to play a divine character, please read the note on page 9.
  3. Choose a theme – chapter 3 of DSCS has themes, which provide you with additional abilities.
  4. Pick ability scores – you can either use the point-buy system from the PHB or choose from the The Stat Grid.
  5. Pick a background and skills – there are racial backgrounds in chapter 2 and regional backgrounds in chapter 5.
  6. Pick feats.
  7. Choose powers.
  8. Equipment – read through the beginning of the equipment section on page 118, including metal and armor overheating on page 119 and the part about weapon breakage on page 122.
  9. Roll against the Wild talents table
  10. Work on your characters background and first adventure (see below)
Wild Talents table:
1-10 PC get a wild talent based on table on page 81
11-19 nothing special
20 super secret special surprise (maybe something bad, maybe something good)


Each PC should have already thought a little bit about their character. There are a few things that each player should detail about their character.


We all have them, even you. Make sure you note their name, physical details, any any important information about them. Are they living or dead? If they are dead, how did they die?


Not everyone has siblings, but maybe your character does. If so, please note their name, physical details and any important information about them. Are they by the same parents? Are they living or dead? If they are dead, how did they die?

Your first adventure

We’re stealing a page from FATE here, 5 of them, specifically. I want each player to write a paragraph describing your character’s first adventure (put this in your character sheet in the Biography (fluff) section). After that you’re going to team up with another player and add their character to the details of your adventure. Then repeat with another player. When we are done each player will have detailed their first adventure that includes at least two other PCs (every PC should now be at worst one step removed from every other PC). Free flow of ideas is encouraged. Refer to the FATE pages I linked for more detailed information and an example. Try to include at least one NPC (who survives) as part of your adventure.

Character Creation

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